Tsuruda - FUBAR

Witness the overwhelming firepower of FUBAR, the new EP by Tsuruda that leaves only rubble in its wake. Brains burst into flames. Planets explode. Dance floors are liquidated into quivering pools of melt that pulsate with every jolt of multi-dimensional bass.

But all of this eyeball-popping low end can’t obscure Tsuruda’s rare ingenuity and unexpected sound craft. Wild-caught samples slip through laser-blasted breathing holes. Beats bend with bizarre bounces. Lush melodies contort and congeal.

Written over the course of the year in the producer’s Los Angeles apartment, FUBAR’s monstrous heft has been meticulously designed. “I wanted to write something more geared to festivals and the club setting,” says Tsuruda, “a shorter release with heavier tracks.”

“Little Mac (feat. Mr. Carmack)” maxes out on an immaculate rumble and “Kimchi Crisis” makes you wait in the dubby buzz for the drop. Stars fly out from the inside of “Fubar” and grind themselves to dust. “Dragon of the Darkness Flame” blitzes in upon the gong, a sonic shovel to the head that transforms into a tilted and twitching lullaby.

FUBAR slams down with cataclysmic force, gripping the deepest layer of your being – and then it twists.