Linafornia - YUNG

The act of repurposing defines the creative vision of Los Angeles, California’s Linafornia, flipping samples from various decades of music culture into unique moments of expression. YUNG creates a bridge to the foundations of gritty and soulful LA based beat music. Her foundations and current path is planted firmly in Los Angeles’ Leimert Park, born and raised off an eclectic range of influences and inspiration found within the region's thriving community. 


Constructing YUNG primarily with an SP 404 and SP 555, the record is full of infectious grooves, neck-snapping drum lines and collage style layering. Everything you hear is an arrangement of real time techniques; a balancing of sound with rhythmic soul, powerful vibratro and celestial texture. The sample choices on YUNG merge between her love for ‘60s / ‘70s music and growing up on the diversity of hip hop coast to coast.


It is with Linafornia’s approach to hip hop instrumentals that she has slowly become more aligned with one of her biggest influences: Madlib. Raw, gritty and soulful beats that pay homage to Los Angeles and the foundational producers from the region. Visionaries such as Dibiase, Ras G, Flying Lotus and Samiyam also come to mind when thinking of Linafornia’s place in modern music.