Jel - Soft Money

Uncluttered but deceptively full and entirely original, Soft Money is the true album-length debut by the head architect of Anticon’s aural acropolis. “Jel” Logan’s long-awaited magnum opus is sly dog of a disc born of ad-inspired paranoia, well-placed suspicion, and outright obsession where all things sound are concerned. With 2002’s 10 Seconds, Jel imagined a long-playing ode to his first real love, the SP-1200, composed entirely of hand-picked snippets from three decades of hip-hop history.

Soft Money takes that same meticulously studied musical consciousness and expands it both literally (the previous LP got its name from the limited sample time of the SP) and conceptually. Though undeniably rooted in the boom-bap of rap’s best instrumentals, this is an ode to good music, period, channeled through one man and his machines, with a little help from some good friends. The album exists beyond time as an ornate amalgam of progressive hip-hop, electronic composition and musique concrete.