Great Dane - Delta Fly

Breeding excitement with every beat, Great Dane augments his evolution as an electronic hip hop master with the release of Delta Fly, his fifth full-length album for Alpha Pup Records. Developing his experimental DIY aesthetic into a bonafide game-changer, the LA-via-Orange County producer’s innovative creations on Delta Fly descend from the future of music. 

Glossy-fresh “Bandz on Me” brings in LG and City over an idyllic bounce that sinks its hooks in and won’t let go – a must-listen that will linger like cream in your mind. “Free Money, Free Times” slaps itself into a face-melting brain erasure with a crush of metal and snake-charming twists. Katya Grasso’s liquid-butter vocals magnify the melancholia in “The Lonely Ones,” an ardent elegy that doesn’t lose the edges of a dropped-down low end. Smooth and pulpy “Former Friends” shakes out with a gratifying grind, and Bobby Woody adds flip to the deep roll of “We Get Up.” 

A bass music luminary and co-founder of the L.A.-based producer collective Team Supreme, Great Dane’s new album gives us a glimpse into the beat landscape that lays beyond.