Funkadelic - Funkadelic

Released in 1970, Funkadelic’s self-titled debut album pioneered the funk music culture of the decade with a heavy, psych-rock sound and wild-eyed weirdness. Led by George Clinton, the group’s sound was deeply influenced by soul and the blues, as well as the contemporary political outcry, racial divide, and LSD counterculture. 

Existing at the crossroads between 60s soul and 70s funk, Funkadelic’s dense arrangements and steady rhythms are inhabited by vocal choruses and a wooly guitar. Fueled by Clinton’s genius powers of motivation and collaboration, Funkadelic inspired such acts as Prince, Sly and the Family Stone, as well as more than 20 spin-off bands.

As the collective’s debut album, Funkadelic let loose a funk-centered worldview that would consume the decade and propel the music industry to a higher state of consciousness in the Holy Mothership.