Funkadelic - Cosmic Slop

Bouncy psych-pop plays against a dark underworld of emotion circa 1973 in Cosmic Slop, the fifth studio album from George Clinton’s Funkadelic. Yet another leap into greatness on the group’s massive opening run, the cerebral album was released at a time when the Vietnam war was blazing and Nixon was about to be impeached. Perhaps the most accessible album for Funkadelic, Cosmic Slop includes nimble dance tracks like the titular “Cosmic Slop” and the much-sampled “Nappy Dugout.”

But its true soul is much deeper, with songs swerving into themes of hopelessness, loss, and sacrifice. Eddie Hazel continues his superlative guitar work in tracks like “Don’t Compute” and “March to the Witch’s Castle” heaves with power. With all the weirdness of Funkadelic and all the weight of the era’s reality, Cosmic Slop is a vital facet of the group’s enduring legacy.