Elusive - Consonance

Elusive's Consonance EP is the latest body of work from the Los Angeles keyboardist and producer, bookending the Dissonance EP released earlier this year for more fusions into electronic, jazz, and IDM. Scheduled for release in early September with Alpha Pup Records, Consonance sets the scales for the new direction Elusive has paved since the full-length albums Textures (2016), Headspace (2016), and Fusion Swing (2017). Elusive has become one of the most active entities within the LA beat scene, placing considerable energy into the advancement of the cities forward thinking scope of sound. 

Consonance was solely derived from Elusive over the course of a few lengthy sessions, putting together every sound, texture, and rhythm on the 22 minute ride. Playing through various chord configurations and lacing every track with an abundance of overtones and rhythms, Consonance breaks the mold of most electronic albums in the 2010s. 4/4, 6/8, and 7/8 time signatures are abound, unique breakdowns split tracks from melding hot to soothing cool, and a progression of changes gives every moment a new window of identity. Heady music that derives from a plethora of influences and sonic palettes. 

Along with working on the next full-length for Alpha Pup Records and the lo-fi beat work found through his albums on Dome of Doom, Elusive is gearing up for his first tour of Europe and the UK. He will present his more jazz inflected work, accompanied live with trumpet by his brother and frequent collaborator Josh Koslow. 

Consonance is out worldwide on digital platforms, September 7th, adding another vital entry into Elusive's advancement as a unique voice and multi-instrumentalist from the LA region.