Tsuruda - Lifeline

Dropped from the sky like a sonic apocalypse, Tsuruda’s new EP Lifeline grinds out five massive tracks with giant metal fists. Vision-blurring bass throttles through each track’s inventive sound design. Tsuruda fearlessly bends beats to his will – and then he irradiates the universe with one vicious drop after another. 

Neck-snapped robots rally in “Ruthless” and “Wraith” gurgles with dented darkness. “Meltdown” spirals downward, mutating into a forcefield of mental maceration. Slashing and burning like a musical machete, “Lifeline” scrambles brains with straight digital madness. “Out Here” lowers your frequency with a body-crushing shockwave that sticks in your throat and leaves you catatonic.

Still smoldering in the wake of 2019’s Fubar EP and U.S. tour, Tsuruda continues to push bass music into unexplored realms.