Superposition - A00/ No Mind

Found within the open space of consciousness, Superposition is an immersion into the inner universe, a meditative antidote to a world of digital overwhelm. Created by Justin Boreta and Matthew Davis, this ambient project and record label emerged from the shared search for serenity by two curious artists.

Their first commercial release, A00/ No Mind, explores the no-boundaries freedom of ambient music, allowing for the holistic integration of disparate genres and experiments. Yet still for Superposition, every element is set with high fidelity, enveloping intention – to fill the void from within.

Many music fans know Justin Boreta as member of The Glitch Mob, a beat-driven electronic group that has been touring for more than a decade. The Glitch Mob have released three albums together as well as official remixes for Daft Punk, The Prodigy, Odesza, Metallica, and TV on the Radio and more. Boreta has also released an ambient, downtempo LP under the name Slidecamp and collaborated with the spiritual teacher Ram Dass on a guided meditation, Imagine. He has also appeared on several podcasts to discuss music, psychedelics and meditation with Tim Ferriss, Aubrey Marcus, East Forest, Duncan Trussell, Third Eye Drops, and Be Here Now Network.

Programmer and musician Matthew Davis designs audio-visual experiences at the forefront of digital art and technology. He has programmed music and audio-visual sync software for Drake’s live shows since 2011, and performs computer music and electronics with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Since 2009, his interactive art and technology company [namethemachine] has provided creators and companies (Disney Imagineering, Intel) with trailblazing tools to navigate an ever-changing new media space.

Davis built the software for The Glitch Mob’s first ‘Blade’ live rig in 2013 and began touring with the group. He and Boreta connected over their shared cultural sensibilities and passion for ambient soundscapes, and they would soon be playing together as Superposition at some of LA’s underground anti-events, including The Echo Society, Lightning in a Bottle, Envelop Surround, and Secular Sabbath.

In addition to their own works, the record label sets out to be a home for producers who want to venture into ambient as a no boundaries artistic outlet. It’s fitting that these endeavours are based at the crossroads of mindfulness, technology, and creative energy: Los Angeles. Close your eyes and listen.

“When we listen to music we are not listening to the past, we are not listening to the future, we are listening to an expanded present.” ~ Alan Watts