Lab Waste
Zwarte Achtegrond (Vinyl Version)

Label: One Cell Records
Release Date: Apr-28-2003

Thavius Beck and Subtitle come together for this album featuring remixes from notable artists such as Sixtoo, Dntel, Daedelus, Adlib, Jogger, Meechroc, Susan Ellinger, and Dark Party.

1. Dope Beat (Sixtoo RMX)
2. Too Close (Dntel RMX)
3. Get The Signal (Daedelus RMX)
4. Dope Beat (Adlib RMX)
5. Internal Science (Jogger RMX)
6. Secret Secret Block (Meechroc RMX)
7. Stress D Rest (Dark Party RMX)
8. 2 In 1 (Susan Ellinger RMX)
9. Labwaste Set 02
10. Dope Beat (Studio Session)
11. Par 3
12. A.M.A
13. Audio Scientist
14. Crash Course In Math
15. El Cucuy
16. Tha Redux

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