Label: One Cell Records
Release Date: Nov-21-2006

Demixes is the sister release to "Mystery Crash", a dark and powerful album that has received rave reviews. The Demix album puts the spotlight on the unconventional audio manipulation talents of John Talaga aka Fashion Flesh. The three "Live Studio" recordings are something rare for TRS-80. The songs were recorded in one take at Sony Studios shortly after the band's West Coast tour ended this summer and feature Jay Rajeck on drums and Mike Barron and Fred de Albuquerque on analog synthesizers and samplers. The recordings capture the essense of TRS-80's live shows rarely heard outside of a music venue.

1. And Play your Sad Guitar (Yesterday Once More Mix)
2. Special Effect (Black Light Mix)
3. The Girl Who Owned a City (Negative Light Mix)
4. Title Theme (Concrete & Sunrise Mix)
5. Out Of A Window (Demixed by Fashion Flesh)
6. Hyper Dynamic (Demixed by Fashion Flesh)
7. The Lights Are On (Demixed by Fashion Flesh)
8. Julie's Story (Demixed by Fashion Flesh)
9. Title Theme (Demixed by Fashion Flesh)
10. Glass Lining (Live Studio Session)
11. Naturescent (Live Studio Session)
12. Out of a Window (Live Studio Session)

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