The Sess
Take The Chance

Label: One Cell Records
Release Date: May-05-2005

The Sess (pronounced SESH) play the kind of music that at one time was perfectly happy being called Rock & Roll. Since the term has been abused in such a way that it has now become somewhat passˇ through the years, The Sess feel that (after experimenting with sounds, songwriting techniques, and creating something that they are proud to claim as their own) their music is best embodied in the term, Rock 'n' Soul. The Godfathers of Rock 'n' Soul are the original rock & rollers: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks, and James Brown. The Sess's rock & soul sound is also heavily influenced by Motown. Their vocals are unabashedly soulful like Jagger (at his provocative best) invoking Redding, and their rhythms just as unabashedly funky, with a back beat you can rely on and a definite groove to move to. The Sess evoke the spirit of a time when music was not only fun, but raucous and sexy and unapologetic. They are here to remind us that it can be that way again, still compelling and just as fresh to now as the original rock & roll was to then. Let the music speak for itself and it will say wonderful things to your body and your mind. Trust them. Take the chance

1. Monday
2. German Swaggert
3. Mary
4. Sprayships
5. Take The Chance

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