The Glitch Mob
We Can Make The World Stop - EP

Label: Glass Air
Release Date: Jul-12-2011

The Glitch Mob returns with We Can Make the World Stop EP an engaging three-track sample of the diverse sounds produced by edIT, Boreta and Ooah.

Title track and lead single "We Can Make the World Stop" is classic Mob style heard on a new horizon. Punishing drums, synthetic strings and plenty of open space are invigorated with the addition of eager guitar strums, piano melodies and warm horns; the resulting track is rich with rock drama, an intriguing electronic offering that digs in deep.

With perilous violin sweeps and heart-pounding drum rolls, "Warrior Concerto" is the most tension-filled track on the EP. An expectant intro crashes into the breathtaking first drop, and the energy continues to brighten throughout the track, stopping short at the finale and leaving listeners' hearts pounding dangerously close to the edge of their minds.

Pensive and dirge-like, "Palace of the Innocents" captures a soulful, almost ancient ambience. Fueled forward by a bittersweet sense of departure whose depth increases with the BPM, this chasmic track conveys the wistful dreams of a heavy heart.

1. We Can Make The World Stop
2. Warrior Concerto
3. Palace of the Innocents

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