Piano Drag
Possessions and Positions

Label: One Cell Records
Release Date: Nov-17-2003

Part of a new generation of indie rock malcontents, Piano Drag have enough respect for tradition to explode it. They're equally at home rocking guitar-bass-drums, composing electronic remixes of their own songs, or clashing the organic and the electronic together and undercutting expectations of what both should be. Subtle electronics accompany guitars and vocals that sing both melodic and angular to a dynamic rhythm section rife with surprises. The result are songs that evoke motion, fluid and vibrant, never redundant or static. This motive quality is fully realized in Piano Drag's energetic live performances, studies in intensity that leave those in attendance either sweaty or stupefied from the experience. Fortunately, none of this energy was lost in the translation to disc on Possessions and Positions-played loud at home, listeners should still experience the same bated breath and quickened pulse.

1. Santa Ana
2. The Vacationist
3. Jeweler's Balance
4. Redaway
5. However... Whatever
6. Play It As It Lays
7. Sweetest Song
8. Animated Hands
9. Sliced Up Dirty
10. Acrobats

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