A Story of 2 Worlds

Label: Greycrow Records
Release Date: Sep-16-1997

By the time this CD had come out, the world still had not heard of the Living Legends. Even though, a release this great from a single Legend should not go unnoticed. Across 16 tracks Eligh takes the listener on a journey spearheaded by conscious rhymes and tight beats. As usual the guest appearances are there, with Scarub, The Grouch, Aesop and more coming along for this ride.

1. Hesitation
2. Coincidence (To Find U)
3. 8tred [Web Defense] (Feat. Scarub)
4. Nothing Sacred (Feat. Basik)
5. Lust (New Life Theme)
6. Plantlife (Feat. Bicasso)
7. Interlude
8. 1998 (Fast Times)
9. Metro Camoflauge
10. 7 Years [Wandering] (Feat. Murs)
11. Head Check
12. Quantum Thought [Homebound]
13. FishermanŐs Lot
14. Doghouse Bar (Feat. The Grouch)
15. Appreciation [Among Family] (Feat. Luckyiam.PSC, Sunspot Jonz, Baski & Asop)
16. Congestion (Feat. The Grouch)

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