Ohio Players

Label: Westbound Records Inc.
Release Date: Feb-20-2007

Ohio Players' fourth album and second release through Westbound. The album features sounds more reminiscent of their earlier work and jazz influenced arrangements. It's a good mixture of radio-friendly material and full on jam sessions. The song Funky work was released as a single and went to #1 on the Billboard R&B charts marking it their biggest hit during the Westbound years.

1. Pleasure
2. Laid It
3. Pride and Vanity
4. Walt's First Trip
5. Varee Is Love
6. Walked Away From You
7. Paint Me
8. Funky Worm
9. Our Love Has Died
10. Ruffell Foot
11. What It Is
12. Rooster Poot
13. Gone Forever
14. Dimensions In Time
15. Introducing The Players
16. Satan's Boogie

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