Girls Like Me

Label: Hellfyre Club
Release Date: Feb-09-2010

The Hellfyre Club is an elite organization, reserved for only the deadliest of emcees. Yet to have the honor of the first release on Nocando's new imprint is a distinction reserved for only one fyreman, Intuition. Girls Like Me features an L.A. underground MC bringing his youthfully cynical world-view to the masses.

Equalibrum brings in the heavy artillery by producing 13 of the 15 tracks that make up the album, each beat masterfully crafted to suit Intuition's tones. Girls Like Me boasts great solo efforts combined with heavy-hitting collaborations, including tracks featuring Slug of Atmosphere and label head Nocando. With this monumental release, Intuition brings the lyrical fire and energy that can help propel his release towards the title of underground classic.

1. Say Hello To Goodbye
2. Hold Your Breath (feat. Raquel Rodriguez)
3. Otis Redding
4. Feeling The Emptiness
5. All I Got (Feat. Ex-I & Nocando)
6. Why Would You (Interlude)
7. Don't Try
8. Ed McMahon
9. Homegirl
10. Lonely
11. Summer Dreaming
12. Al Bundy
13. Future Ex-Wife (Feat. Travis Brown)
14. I Love California
15. Buzzkill (Feat. Slug)

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