The Grouch
Three Eyes Off The Time

Label: Legendary Music
Release Date: Dec-08-2009

Wannabe MCs are a dime a dozen in today's society, but The Grouch is an example of longevity in the volatile world of underground Hip Hop. Many years of experience and the creation of a family has given this Living Legend a host of wisdom. The goal of this release of to spread not only what he has learned, but also messages of positivity and free-thinking.

The Grouch spreads knowledge on various topics, all backed by the beats of DJ Fresh, beats that The Grouch characterizes as "synthesized symphonic loveliness". One of the stand-out tracks is Daddy's Home, where the emcee delves into how fatherhood has changed him and his outlook in life, not to mention how he's living things up in Hawaii. Topics are switched up on another noteworthy track Allieverwantedwas, where The Grouch reflects on his past and how his hard work has brought him to realizing his greatest dreams.

Three Eyes Off The Time is a sign to all that The Grouch has evolved in this changing game and matured into and emcee that stands head and shoulders above the game. Do yourself a favor and take a moment to realize.

1. 3 Eyes Intro
2. Daddy's Home (feat. Rankin Scroo)
3. Whatever I Say
4. I Love This Game
5. The Dangers of Online Dating
6. Make 'Em Think (feat. Marty James)
7. Allieverwantedwas
8. Weight of the World
9. I'm Dreamin'

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