The Grouch
They Don't Have This

Label: Simple Man Music
Release Date: May-22-2000

The Grouch only offered this exclusively on CD at his shows. It compiles unreleased cuts from his earlier Making Perfect Sense days.

1. Intro
2. It Means Too Much feat. Bicasso & Nebulus
3. Wordy
4. Entermission 1
5. Futureistics
6. Something From Nothing feat. Basik
7. Drunk Taste
8. Slipping
9. Entermission 2
10. Life/Dreams feat. Lucky & Eligh
11. I've Got More
12. Don't U See
13. Just A Feeling
14. Open It Up feat. Arata
15. Cuf/Legends feat. The Cuf & Living Legends
16. Beat

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