The Grouch & Eligh
No More Greener Grasses

Label: Simple Man Music
Release Date: Oct-21-2003

After taking time off to focus on solo projects and Living Legends sessions, The Grouch and Eligh are back to grace the game with another underground gem. The first two volumes of their collaboration were well-received by the Hip Hop public, so expectations were rightfully high. No More Greener Grasses does not disappoint. Both Legends come with the heat whether it be on the production or the lyrical tip. In addition, they've recruited a strong roster of guests, mixing old friends with new acquaintances.

The title track, No More Greener Grasses is not only one of the best tracks on the album, but also a solid example of a guest gone right. This one features fellow Californian Pigeon John. Underneath, the track is grounded by a light, airy, harmoniously strung beat, reminding anyone of a bright L.A. day.

The Grouch and Eligh bring more of the same for this follow up. And the underground Hip Hop scene could not be any happier. It's a miracle how they get so lyrical, then proceed to move the crowd like an old Negro spiritual. With a constantly growing fan base in the always changing underground landscape, The Grouch and Eligh prove that they still have what it takes to still hold reign over the underground scene.

1. Intro
2. Road To Road (feat. Jo Wilkinson)
3. Everafter
4. Just For You (feat. Bicasso & Basik)
5. Mr. President
6. No More Greener Grasses (feat. Pigeon John)
7. CanŐt Catch Me
8. The Clap
9. Still Watching (feat. N8 The Gr8)
10. Atlantis (feat. Scarub & Tiombe)
11. Dr. No
12. This Is Yo Life (feat. PSC, Aceyalone & Abstract Rude)
13. Emotion
14. Highwire Love
15. Lake Release

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