Label: Greycrow Records
Release Date: Feb-22-2003

With all of the Living Legends and other side projects going on, solo albums from the various Living Legends seemed like a pipe dream. After having released 2 instrumental CDs and crafting his lyrical skills through group work he was ready to release a record on the solo tip once more. Luckily Eligh was able to get back on his own personal grind, hammering out this gem in 2003. Sticking to the usual suspects, Eligh focused on very personal subject matter for this record, speaking on his views of the world and today's era from a overseer's point of view. With the evolution of both his lyrical and production skills so evident, Poltergeist blows away any of its expectations.

1. They're Here (Intro)
2. Worldwide By Word Of Mouth
3. Pattern Traps
4. Born To Pay For The Past
5. Ancient Grandfather
6. The Mountain
7. FUNK (Feat. Bicasso)
8. Universe Will Provide
9. Thought Process (Feat. Murs)
10. 3 Minute Rip Down
11. Dreamscape 7 (Window To The Next Plane)
12. The Lot
13. Outhouse (Feat. Bicasso, Murs, Luckyiam.PSC, The Grouch & Sunspot Jonz)
14. M.I.C.helle
15. A Poet Sits... (Feat. Abstract Rude)
16. To Angela (The Last Love Song)
17. Meditation (Feat. Jo Wilkinson)
18. Bring It Back Down

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