As They Pass

Label: Greycrow Records
Release Date: Oct-22-1996

Many underground Hip Hop heads might know of Eligh's career from his time as part of the Living Legends and onward. Others might know of his exploits as one of The 3 Melancholy Gypsies. But many have not heard of his earliest solo releases, a shame considering the amount of gems hidden within his discography. As with any Legendary release this one is full of guest appearances from the usual suspects like Luckyiam.PSC, Bicasso, Grouch, Murs, Aesop, Arata, and even a Japanese singer named Yuki Hara. Classic lineup, devastating beats, and lyrical mastery always make for a solid CD.

1. Begintro
2. Your Not Alone
3. Moving 99
4. Everyday
5. On WWAK
6. In A Quiet Mannor
7. Blue Collar (Feat. Luckyiam.PSC)
8. On The Ave
9. Turn Up The Bass! (Feat. Bicasso)
10. Time Is The Essence (Feat. Luckyiam.PSC, Bicasso, Asop & Arata)
11. It Was A Mission (Feat. Asop & Yuki Hara)
12. Blind Serenade
13. The Dragon (Feat. The Grouch & Murs)
14. Technology
15. Liquid Skies
16. It Could Be You (Feat. Luckyiam.PSC, Murs & Asop)
17. UHB Radio (Feat. Murs, The Grouch & Kool Savas)
18. The Dragon (Original Mix)

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