The Grouch
Fuck The Dumb

Label: Simple Man Music
Release Date: Sep-21-1998

Grouch's fourth album Fuck The Dumb was originally released in 1998 is still regarded as one of Grouch's best works to date. There is a whopping twenty-one tracks included with guest productions from Eligh and Bizarro.

1. I'm Here
2. All Natural
3. Gibberish
4. Congestion feat. Eligh
5. Itchin For A ...
6. Nothing's Changing
7. Bangers
8. Til The Endathis
9. Another Nut
10. Cool Out
11. Symbolism feat. Lucky
12. You're Not The 1
13. For All'Yall
14. Frustrated
15. Yudontknow
16. A Matter A Fact feat. Bicasso
17. Drain Me
18. Once Upon A Rhyme
19. Idunno
20. Over-Evaluation

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