Temporary Forever

Label: Temporary Whatever
Release Date: Sep-24-2002

Originally self-released by Busdriver in 2002. The album features eighteen tracks with timeless productions by Paris Zax, Omid and Daddy Kev featuring guest scratches from D-Styles.

1. New Aquarium
2. Imaginary Places
3. Along Came a Biter
4. Idle Chatter
5. Gun Control
6. Mindcrossings
7. Suing Sony
8. Stylin' Under Pressure
9. Single Ego Cell
10. Somethingness (feat. Radioinactive & Rhetoric)
11. Driver's Manual
12. The Truth of Spontaneous Human Combustion (feat. Of Mexican Descent)
13. Opposable Thumbs
14. Unplanned Parenthood
15. Jazz Fingers (feat. Aceyalone)
16. Reality Sandwich
17. Wrong Route
18. Post Apocalyptic Rap Blues

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