Antiserum & Mayhem
BayTL Dub

Label: Smog Records
Release Date: Oct-02-2012

Two track EP titled "Bay TL Dub" by a collaboration between San Francisco-based producer Antiserum and Atlanta-based producer Mayhem. Bay TL Dub, as the name suggests, fuses trademark elements from each coast, from Atlanta dirty south bounce to the Bay Area homegrown funk sound. The title track "Bay TL" begins with two colorful melodies that interweave flawlessy as though functioning as one, evolving into a high pitched, soulful bassline that takes turns with horn-like stabs to create that perfect harmony. The second track "So High" begins with soft melodic stabs and gated synth chords, building up to a crunchy bassline drop that draws from the signature drum and bass sound.

1. Bay TL Dub
2. So High

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