Terraform EP

Label: Smog Records
Release Date: Nov-29-2011

Four track EP entitled "Terraform" by the Los Angeles-based producer Sam Pool, better known as SPL, a collection of monstrous bass-heavy music. Title track "Terraform" starts off on catchy note with trancy pads that quickly lead their way into brutal smashing of angry synth snarls and bludgeoning basslines. "Essence" takes a nod to the dungeon sound of London, with an SPL flavor of stabs and impressive build-ups. Like the nemesis of Godzilla, "Mothra", a collaboration with New Zealand natives Crushington aka The Upbeats, stomps and crushes everything in its path. The final track on the EP is a VIP remix of "Lootin' 92", a track he did with 12th Planet.

1. Terraform
2. Essence
3. Mothra
4. Lootin' 92 VIP

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