12th Planet
The End

Label: Smog Records
Release Date: Dec-12-2012

12th Planet prophesies a musical apocalypse (or, the last great thing that human music shall ever produce) with the release of his album "The End." This album was made to commemorate the end of the world on 12/12/12 and the 12th planet Nibiru crashing into Earth. Even though we all survived, "The End" is sure to withstand the test of time beyond our mortal selves. It will make you want to dance like tomorrow will never come again. The first track "The End" (ft. Flinch) starts the album off on a rather somber note. The sorrow of everyone on a doomed Earth can be felt with the initial classical instrumental piece. This musical passage quickly gives way to the electronic sounds of jubilation when the planet decides to celebrate together for one last time. As you get farther into the album, you can hear celebration turning into panic, carnage, and destruction on an Earth soon to be no more. 8-bit sounds, dubby-bass, and electronic leads will make you want to get up and the perfectly-timed drops will make you want to get down. This album will show you how nuts the apocalypse will truly be.

1. The End (T.E.I.N. Pt. 2)
2. The End Is Near Pt. 1 (Dirtyphonics Remix)
3. The End Is Near Pt. 1 (Felguk Remix)
4. Busrt Ft. GMCFOSHO
5. Ghost
6. Ratchet Strap
7. Ratchet Strap (UZ Remix)
8. Ratchet Strap (Big Gigantic Remix)
9. Jail Break
11. The End Is Near Pt. 1

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