Pawn & EMU
Headshot EP

Label: Smog Records
Release Date: Mar-08-2010

Headshot EP is the debut release from Pawn & EMU of Smog Records. The rhythmic and melodic two-track release features vocals from patois lyrical maestro Weird2Jah. "Know Ya' Self" starts off slowly building with anticipation as Weird2Jah's swaggering vocals encourage the beat to creep in heavy with a subdued melody, jungle rhythms, and sparse with grimy guitar rips. "Headshot" is a classic half-time dubstep track which flips into 4/4 mode halfway through, invigorating the dance floor. Weird2Jah lays his layer over spicy breakbeats and galactic soundscapes. Wavering dubstep drops take the beat from zesty to grimy and back again. Dynamic and lively, "Headshot" is a heated engagement of drum-and-bass, jungle, dubstep, and dancehall elements.

1. Headshot (feat. Werd2Jah)
2. Know Ya' Self (feat. Werd2Jah)

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