Texx Mars EP

Label: Smog Records
Release Date: Nov-10-2009

Texx Mars EP is the two-track release from futuristic renegade producer Datsik, real name Troy Beetles, and featuring notorious SMOG producer 12th Planet. Datsik brings the noise with the axe swinging synthlines and IDM melodies of "Galvanize," while the pair team up on the fierce "Texx Mars." Full of hardware pounding broadcasts and fierce jolts, "Galvanize" invigorates dance grooves and simultaneously induces dream-like comas. This is not your average brain-battering experience. Prepare for vigorous cerebral massages, followed by subconscious rewinds. Datsik and 12th Planet team up on the A-side with "Texx Mars", a thundering tale of pure bassweight murder mystery. Interested in channeling some deep phantom action through your subs? Complete with spooky deepness and mid-range mauling, "Texx Mars" brings a new meaning to 'bump in the night!'

1. Galvanize
2. Texx Marx (feat. 12th Planet)

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