Matter of Fact EP

Label: Smog Records
Release Date: Jun-30-2009

A ten-year veteran producer in the world of dub, Doctor Lazarus X (DLX) delivers hypnotic medicine straight to your brain with his "Matter of Fact EP". The classic kick count (in 1/3rds rhythm) is an instant ammunition for the dance floor. The AA side features the mighty Breakage remixing "Matter of Fact" by DLX. This "swingy" twist on the original creates an atmosphere of being suspended from above. The shuffling drums roll seamlessly into the bass and ripen with time - which is a well-blended technique that is signature to Breakage. The tune builds deep, consuming all in its path with a haunting invasion of a dark, buzzy sonic shadow.

1. Matter of Fact
2. Matter of Fact (Breakage's Relatively Speaking Remix)

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