12th Planet
Ptera Patrick EP

Label: Smog Records
Release Date: Jul-07-2009

Ptera Patrick EP is the two track release from electronic music pioneer 12th Planet (real name John Dadzie) whose off-axis beats and subsonic frequencies orbit on the forefront of global bass culture. "Ptera Patrick" is not only allilteration in its spelling but, also a paradox in the name itself. Ptero derives from the word Pterodactyl, and the name Tera Patrick comes from the adult film legend, "Tera Patrick". The title was created on Valentines Day 2008, and was meant to show the duality of female and common slang word for females "birds". The quirky name is a perfect way to describe how the track is divided by duality. One on hand, the beginning of the tune is melodic, beautiful, and mystical. On the other hand,t eh second half of the tune is very ferocious. "Hell-O" is a culmination of Miami and Brixton bass, influenced beats. Boasting 3 step snares and 808 subs, "Hell-O" will blow a house down better than a big, bad wolf.

1. Ptera Patrick
2. Hell-o (feat. Define)

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