Listening to Science

Label: Smog Records
Release Date: Aug-16-2011

Listening to Science is the solo debut album from electronic producer DLX (Doctor Lazarus X). The swift and brain-rattling eleven track album represents years of studio work from DLX, real name Drew Peterson, and is mastered by British drum and bass artist Mark Caro (Technical Itch). Suitably diagnosed as "the mad scientist of drum arrangements," DLX blends together experimental drum funk with elements of jungle, breakbeat, and early dubstep - all polished by an intrinsic editing style in and of its own. Brooding ambient opener Synchrotron sets the tone slipping languorously into the smooth and reflective Cat Tranquilizers. From there the album soars into the lurching, break driven Operating Room, the jungle rhythms and dystopian soundscapes of Bone Saw, and the swirling atmospheres and shifting tones of Hologram. Delicate closer Sound Hole rounds off the album, completing a well-constructed and visceral journey through DLX's productions. (From Smog Records)

1. Synchrotron
2. Cat Tranquilizers
3. Sanctuary
4. Operation
5. Modern Man
6. Bone Saw
7. Rapid Ear Movement
8. Losing Her
9. Detuning Wet Metal Instruments
10. Hologram
11. Sound Hole

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