The Koreatown Oddity
200 Tree Rings

Label: New Los Angeles
Release Date: Jun-10-2014

He is a modern polymath, free of the fleeting trends and identity crises of countless dreamers flooding Los Angeles in search of redemption and reinvention. Dominique Purdy, who beneath his iconic wolf mask becomes The Koreatown Oddity, inhabits a liminal space between the primal and the present, alternating serene passages with feral beats. His productions are chapters in an ongoing saga, a narrative of instinct and experience, and an homage to his roots and influences brewing under the smog canopy and concrete jungle of LA’s Koreatown. From his days as a teenager on stage at The Laugh Factory to his impromptu performances at local fast-food joints and Greyhound stations, he is truly a product of his environment. The Koreatown Oddity’s debut full-length LP, 200 Tree Rings, was released June 10th on New Los Angeles Records, featuring production by Jeremiah Jae, Ras G, House Shoes, Kone, Ashtrejinkins, Luke Cage, Giovanni Marks, and Dominique himself. The album tells the story of The Koreatown Oddity’s journey to enlightenment leading up to his final days. Packed with aberrant loops and enthralling rhyme patterns, we are taken by the neck from the very beginning and held captive for 12 tracks - until we die with him. The album is available on all major digital outlets, as well as limited edition cassette and vinyl.

1. Title Sequence (Prod. KONE)
2. Invisible Force (Prod. House Shoes)
3. Fngrrrz (Prod. Jeremiah Jae)
4. Black Antique Flossin' (Prod. The Koreatown Oddity)
5. Transmission Blast (feat. J-Swift and DJ Yugi) (Prod. Luke Cage)
6. Strawberry Pop-Tart Ice Cream Sandwich (Prod. House Shoes)
7. Foresee (Prod. Ashtre Jenkins)
8. Film Roll Splices and the Deleted Scenes (Prod. Ras G)
9. Atmosphere Moods (Prod. Giovanni Marks)
10. 4th Quarter Ninjas (feat. Jeremiah Jae, Trenttruce, and Oliver the 2nd) (Prod. Jeremiah Jae)
11. Mozzarella Forever (feat. Aceyalone) (Prod. The Koreatown Oddity)
12. Conclusion (Prod. KONE)

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