Self Jupiter
Hard Hat Area

Label: Voila Entertainment
Release Date: Mar-25-2014

Self Jupiter’s solo album "Hard Hat Area" showcases Self Jupiter's writing prowess and musical character that is every bit as poetic as it is ghastly, as witnessed on songs as “It Was On This Night”. Through out the album, the self-proclaimed “6.2 Warlock” delivers an abundance of quotes that are forever burned into my memory; “If you see me in a fight with a bear, don’t help me, help the bear” or “(Most of these Rappers) wouldn’t blink if the eyelids were the triggers that unleashed holocaust on all their enemies.” RedefineHipHop: Self-Jupiter of Freestyle Fellowship and the Kleenrz by Kevin Beachman

1. Intro: J. Hitchcock's Speakeasy
2. Life Doesn't Get No' Better Than This
3. Don't Try This At Home
4. Pro's And Con's (feat. Mean Green, St Mark 3:16)
5. O.D.'s Swing
6. Mayday
7. Discouraging Quotes (feat. Jizzm, J-Smoove)
8. Monsta Music
9. We Must (feat. LPG)
10. It Was On This Night
11. Live At The El Rey
12. The Sun Took A Day Off And The Moon Stood Still
13. Misery And Co. (feat. Acid Reign)
14. Memphis Lo Ball
15. 4808-4911-A
16. Outro: J. Hitchcock's Speakeasy
17. Why Can't You Love Me Forever (Bonus Track)
18. Idols (feat. Equipto, LRoneous) (Bonus Track)

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