Label: Friends of Friends
Release Date: Jun-17-2014

1979, the fifth studio album by composer, sound engineer, and all-around experimental tinkerer Deru, subscribes itself to the same aural-decaying cues as maestros like The Caretaker, Tim Hecker, and releases from Modern Love: muted swaths of synthesizers build on one another to create poignant fortresses of sonic trackage. Though it promotes itself as a "living timecapsule," it only takes thirty seconds into of the album's opener to realize that this prescribed nostalgia doesn't even need the description. It's abundantly clear in the Satie-esque soundscapes that 1979 is drenched in the melancholies of memory. A Modern Day Time Capsule: "1979," the New Album and Interactive Website from Deru by Zack Sokol

1. 1979
2. Let the Silence Float
3. Addictive Yearning
4. Three Cheers For Existence
5. Drink It In
6. Pathologically Bored
7. Black Beach (Tape Version)
8. The Future Never Comes
9. Midnight in the Garden With Ghosts

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