Jimmy the Burnout

Label: Hellfyre Club
Release Date: Mar-18-2014

Lead of L.A.-based underground rap posse Hellfyre Club, and Resident emcee of world-renowned Low End Theory Club, Nocando presents his sophomore full-length Jimmy the Burnout. A proper portrayal for the new Nocando emanation - a selected harmony of callous and coping with luminous celebration. A collection of love affairs, concealed weapons, and third world realism synchronize with the flattering humor that embodies Nocan’s rap prowess. Birth name James McCall projects a direct SoCal experience from Oakland to South Central Los Angeles with a new breed of unfiltered, trickery-free lyrical perspective. “Never Look Better” is a heated club tale dedicated to relationships gone sour - the heavy production by Ashtre Jinkins takes us into the club yet out of the norm, while the Caleb Stone-produced “Break Even” reinstates the commonman’s hustle of doing everything necessary to make ends meet. We witness Nocando wisely omitting the overtly clever wordplay that garnered past attractions, allowing for a mature melding with the listener through the sobering truths of speaking from within. Jimmy the Burnout is out worldwide March 18th, 2014.

1. Little Green Monsters
2. Never Looked Better
3. Break Even
4. Did You Know That???
5. Too Much to Ask
6. Jermaine's Random Voicemail
7. Grown Man Work
8. 3rd World Hustle
9. Any Day Now
10. Eric's Advice
11. Zero Hour (Mony/Poly Remix)
12. Hellfyre Club Anthem
13. Up In the Air
14. Lucid Dream
15. Never Mine
16. Gimme Some (Bonus Track)

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