Thomas William
Deccan Technicolour

Label: This Thing
Release Date: Nov-04-2011

Immersive; at once genuinely eclectic and totally coherent; full of far-out, lopsided beats, glitchy grooves, ingeniously butchered samples, and woozy, psychedelic soundscapes. If you’re a fan of Flying Lotus, you’ll find plenty to enjoy here, even if Deccan Technicolour is in general a more contemplative, less dancefloor-oriented affair. -Tiny Mixtapes

1. Yojimbo
2. The Pearl
3. Sticky Sunshine
4. JHA
5. Andromeda
6. Acid Overweight
7. Plains Drifter
8. Fakes & Ladders
9. By Proxy
10. History Shock
11. MGM Grand
12. Key Cutting
13. Cliques (feat. Peon)
14. SOMA2602

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