Burgundy Fats
The Legend of 1900

Label: Burgundy Fats
Release Date: Feb-04-2014

Better known as Self Jupiter for his 2000 experimental hip-hop album 'Hard Hat Area', Omette Glenn here launches his Burgundy Fats alter ego: a wise old don who takes the listener through eleven colourful stories set to vintage urban beats. There’s melodic, guitar-led soul grooves on 'Times Are Strange' lounge jazz on 'A Love Like This', Shaft-style funk licks on 'Pretty Feet'… pretty much everything from the last century that ever got cued up on a pool hall jukebox. An authentic-sounding retrospective from the Freestyle Fellowship's most famous face, 'Legend of 1900' is guaranteed to put a swagger in everyone's step.

1. Intro
2. Pretty Feet
3. Times Are Strange
4. Rainy Days
5. Brown Skin
6. Love Like This
7. Love Birds
8. Spoken Novice
9. That Day
10. Unsatisfied
11. Affectionate Traveler

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