Label: Error Broadcast
Release Date: Jan-28-2014

Iglooghost is Seamus Malliagh, Irish-born beatmaker located somewhere in the English hinterland. At age 17 Iglooghost has quite a bit fame under his belt. He released two EPs in 2013, one instrumental one that features young Cow Yote on vocals. He produced a beat for US rapper milo on 'Poplar Grove' and was featured on Kool A.D.'s stunning 'Not O.K.' album.

'Treetunnels' finds Iglooghost at his very best: crackling rap instrumentals that successfully balance psychedelia and straight-forward hip hop beats. His sound is lo-fi and raw, yet Iglooghost always has a sweet little melody up his sleeves to keep the listeners attentive. 'Treetunnels' includes vocal features by the aforementioned milo, Hellfyre Club producer Riley Lake, and Italian songstress Kae. We are especially delighted to have Australian enigma jitwam up for a voodoo performance on 'Teatunnels'. Cassette exclusive is a little rap track with Mr. Yote and remixes by Greyhat, Riley Lake, and Brainfeeder-affiliated Leaving Records boss Matthewdavid (who took care of mastering as well).

1. Yellowfours
2. Indian_elephants
3. Oolong_tea (feat. Kae)
4. lines&lines&lines
5. Peanut.smoker
6. Frenchopen (feat. milo)
7. Tattyboygunhands
8. Treetunnels
9. Earl Grey
10. Cave Boots
11. Assam_tea Outro (feat. Riley Lake)
12. Teatunnels (feat. jitwam)

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