Delofi / BUN (Fumitake Tamura)
DT005: Winter Tape

Release Date: Nov-09-2013

Brooklyn label Dirty Tapes certainly lives up to its name with its latest split release between Japanese electronic music producer Bun (Fumitake Tamura) and Cleveland experimental beatmaker Delofi. The instrumentals across the Colors and Winter tapes are serene, chilled, and are lent an additional avant-garde edge by their being caked in all sorts of sweet analog grime. - The Needle Drop

1. Carmine
2. Amber
3. Khaki
4. Indigo
5. Red
6. Black
7. Green
8. Purple
9. Yellow
10. White
11. Pion
12. Flannel
13. Wagashi Kuri Manju
14. Dj Vu
15. Flake
16. Sloppy
17. Bluest
18. Loosely
19. Transition
20. Similar Face
21. Guts
22. Cold Heart
23. Speaking Tree
24. Someday

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