Ohbliv / Dil Withers
DT002: Dil 'Blivers

Release Date: Jan-01-2013

When analyzed as a whole, it feels good to hear this type of raw instrumental creation. This evokes the spiritual nature of all potent black music with the guided touch of the modern beat makers principles of creation. This is magic in all the forms the word entails, created for the sake of beauty and preserved through the magnetic inscriptions of this age that we call analog music. Golden hip hop era music of the 90 s brought to the next phase of the 2010 s and what I feel is another shift into the same consistency and level of immaculate music across the board as seen during that golden era. - Sound Colour Vibration

1. Fly Away (Intro)
2. Awrite
3. Feelers
4. Infinity 'Erb
5. Mackin' On My Roni
6. BuddyUp
7. When Shadows Crash
8. Flood
9. Casual
10. LuvPoem
11. Spectrum
12. Backwoodz Echo
13. Strictgame
14. Glaised
15. Skycavern
16. Sun Riders (Bonus Beat)
17. Kiss (Intro)
18. Desir
19. Hazel Eyes
20. HiFi
21. Float
22. Daze
23. Shine
24. Bleep
25. Caress
26. Ahmad's Groove
27. En Route (Interlude)
28. Rainy
29. Feelin
30. Shape
31. Adieu
32. Introspect (Bonus Beat)
33. TapeHissBliss (Bonus Beat)

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