Dink / Tuamie
DT001: Dink / Tuamie

Release Date: Jun-12-2012

Dirty Tapes brings us DT001 - a split tape between DINK and TUAMIE featuring 32 tracks of euphoria-inducing hip hop. TUAMIE kicks it off with vintage Macintosh voice synthesis ("T-U-A-M-I-E") and sample selection that pays homage to Golden Era hip hop and RnB, e.g. Deborah Cox on "Ketchup" and Goodie Mob on "Apartment Complexxx." On side 2, DINK demonstrates his expertise in reappropriation, flipping live guitar and bass, jazz ride cymbals, and other constituents of the ideal rhythm section. Like Dirty Tapes' cassette prints, these beats are homespun with palpable Brooklyn soul.

1. Ancient Alient Chant
2. Chops (Billed Evan)
3. Swamp'd
4. Fakin' JAX (Remix)
5. Ungh
6. Yes
7. Awmp Awmp (Remix)
8. Let Go
9. Ketchup
10. The Apartment Complexxx
11. AaBb
12. 1 for Dilla
13. Dnuh
14. Nina es Calm
15. Cali-ente (Bonus Beat)
16. Space Crystal (Bonus Beat)
17. Animation
18. Collabo
19. Endless
20. Door Knock
21. Jessie Jackson's Five Dollars
22. Sunk
23. Wig Out
24. Complete Seas
25. 1996
26. Liquid Sunshine
27. Freestyle
28. Roller Skates
29. Jam Session (feat. Ohbliv)
30. Hats
31. Legas Drug (Bonus Track)
32. Surfing Thoughts

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