Daypass - EP

Label: Mndface
Release Date: Nov-26-2013

Mndsgn is one of the slew of experimental beatmakers coming out of the flourishing California scene. He has released a copious amount of awesome beat tapes throughout the past few years. His latest effort ‘Daypass’ is a dreamy landscape of dazed synths and muddy drum patterns. MC Zeroh (aka Blqbrd) joins Mndsgn on "MyYert(0.)" to add psychedelically influenced poetic verses over Mndsgn's minimalistic yet esoteric beat. Overall, Mndsgn's Daypass EP offers the listener an uplifting, unique collection of music from the mind of Mndsgn.

1. AlmostDecent
2. Zoot Rar
3. Post98
4. Muli(tah)
5. MyYert(0.)

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