Label: Mndface
Release Date: Nov-26-2013

Mndsgn. is without a doubt at the forefront of the underground hip hop beat movement. On ObliqueKitchn Mndsgn drops undeniably dope lo-fi instrumentals featuring rolling synths, superb sample usage and peculiar drum patterns. Each track on this release is mesmerizing in its own unique way. From the soulful, squeaky vocals on "Slopao" and "FarmrsMarkt" to the glitchy, computerized sound bytes on "LitoBito(U)" the album offers an aural experience of various cuisines in Mndsgn's ObliqueKitchn.

1. Slopao
2. FarmrsMarkt
3. LitoBito(U)
4. 43rd
5. Samosa
6. Heights
7. Sautˇed
8. PMG
9. Thxman
10. Slumbr
11. Leemrs
12. Dukfacedance

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