Espresso Digital

Label: Chanceimag.es / Leaving Records
Release Date: Nov-19-2013

It's an aesthetic celebration of technological failure, of communication breakdown, of the mindfuck of psychology, of the imperfection of humanity. But in the stylistic pivots and arm's-length distancing tactics, D/P/I somehow becomes an impossibly faith-restoring exercise that may sound fractured and ephemeral, but actually feels holistic and everlasting. -Subbacultcha!

1. Dead Hearts
2. She Can Yell
3. Older Model Pt 1
4. We Are So Young
5. Older Model Pt 2
6. Fuk the Police
7. All In
8. A Damn Shame
9. Microwave
10. Older Model Pt 3
11. Primer
12. Sk Y
13. Empty Wish
14. Cloud S
15. The Void

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