Label: Dogtropic / Leaving Records
Release Date: Nov-12-2013

Survival is a documentation of my experience living in Hollywood, and exploring the nocturnal activity of Hollywood Boulevard. Mainly the distinction between the idealized character of Hollywood as portrayed in the tourist mind and the physicality of Hollywood Boulevard. Survival is a body of sound work examining the bizarre (mostly tragic) line between the foreign visitor exploring a "temporary" space, and the burden of fantasy/reality imposed upon the native people to keep the image of glamour going at all costs--- To quote Desmond Morris: "Other animals do behave in these ways under certain circumstances, namely when they are confined in the unnatural conditions of captivity. The zoo animal in a cage exhibits all these abnormalities that we know so well from our human companions. Clearly, then, the city is not a concrete jungle, it is a human zoo."

1. heat
2. freaks1
3. tru depth / doger
4. skinna
5. young yago
6. freaks2 / organ / exotic bastard
7. force
8. free zoo
9. meat
10. romance / dumi

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