Label: Klammklang
Release Date: Nov-05-2013

Following on from a number of remarkable vinyl cuts on Bristol's Immerse Records, St. Petersburg’s Stanislav Sevostyanikhin returns with the first new Kontext full-length in almost four years, with the most cogitative and self-reflective one to date.

As if being himself in a sonically altered state of consciousness, Stanislav manipulates crepuscular soundscapes and artfully programmed rhythms channelling the aural feel of solitude to the listeners, putting you into a sort of outerworld yet internally-focused context.

Opening with some creepy voice samples captured from vintage Soviet psychiatric records ('Preamble') Side A features producer's trademark murky dubtech with its stomping beats, playful percussions and Detroit-like synth chords.

Further Side B unveils a wide range of maneuvers and stunts that have been previously kept in secret in Kontext's music production arsenal: vinegary bleeps and synth lines ('Acid Shower'), an eerie mantra-esque verses by featuring Ukranian poet Liza Gotfrik ('Emergence') and an obscure dub piece unexpectedly turning into a rave party in purgatory ('A Man Who Escaped').

As Klammklang's first release, 'Dysphoria' also defines a vector for label's further development. And yes, it's all about darkness.

1. Preamble
2. Jumping Into the Void II
3. The Night of the Sweaty Knives
4. Dreams of a Reason
5. Anxiolytic Effect
6. Acid Shower
7. The Man Who Escaped
8. Emergence (feat. Liza Gotfrik)
9. Postscriptum

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