Momentos - EP

Label: Glue Moon
Release Date: Nov-05-2013

Momentos from the mysterious man known as AGES is one of the freshest-to-def cassette editions to ever graze the magnetic strip. The compositions are very forward, even traditional, but have a strong retro, haunted air to them. Usage of old analog recording equipment gives this tape a fried-out Joe Meek style production, sounding like he is playing with a band of 1950s mariachi spooks. A soundtrack to waiting in a spanish hotel lobby watching a 50s talk show, drinking a mojito, waiting for the man with the suitcase to arrive... we may never know what exactly in the hell is being done here, but the result is something truly special.

1. Momentos
2. Expresión Anónima
3. Enviar Esto a Mi bb
4. Senegal
5. Mermeladas de Barbacoa

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