Luck & Lana Kill the Computer
Luck & Lana Kill the Computer

Label: Luck&Lana Records
Release Date: Oct-29-2013

Luck and Lana Kill The Computer is the newest project from world famous underground MC Luckyiam of the Living Legends crew. The veteran MC teamed up with L.A. singer/songwriter/rapper Lana Shea in 2011 to form the group Luck&Lana, which has been described as a “mini dream team” with “talent that is just exploding out the eyesockets” ( By mixing elements of hiphop, dubstep, soul, pop and electro, combined with their hard-hitting live show, the duo has “come together like a Hip Hop/Dubstep Bonnie and Clyde” ( and is turning heads from the LA underground to the blogosphere.
Gold was struck when Luck&Lana linked up with Kill The Computer, an EDM production team also out of L.A. What began as one song, Bang Bang (which can be found on Luckyiam's most recent release, "Time To Get Lucky"), led to another and then another. Finally, a full-length album of EDM- infused hiphop with dirty bass, clean bars and soulful hooks was born.
The album includes features from fellow Living Legends members Scarub and Eligh (of The Grouch and Eligh), and is sure to push the game forward with its flawless marriage of EDM and HipHop..

1. Turn the Bass Up
2. Redemption
3. The Hills
4. Get U Some
5. Killa Cali
6. Know My Name
7. Shut Em Down
8. Flap (feat. Scarub & Eligh)
10. Wicked

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