Perera Elsewhere

Label: Friends of Friends
Release Date: Oct-29-2013

Forged from the depths of London, eventually finding Berlin as her sanctuary, Perera Elsewhere summons lost souls and presage of tomorrow in her craft. Acting on instinct rather than mathematics, incorporating organic elements that compliment and co-exist with robotics, carefully reserving space for her haunting yet soothing vocal passes...these are the bricks and mortar of Perera's waking dreams. From the grit of dark club to the absorption of indigenous sounds & styles along her travels, Perera melds these inspirations into her own semi-acoustic, abstract and pop-tinged bliss. Prophetic revelations put to tape. A message in a bottle delivered through cryptic vocals laid to a smoky atlas, guiding followers to a new translation of the world as we know it. These are just shadows of the sentiment that Perera Elsewhere delivers on 'Everlast', her 12-track debut LP for Friends of Friends. Touching on topics ranging from the corruption of organized religion, gender discrimination and technological advancements leading to human over-dependance, her vision couldn't be more focused. On "Giddy", she sings "You sway unsteady with your sword// it makes you livid, muzzle round your jaw// vivid dream that ain't got no flaws// pasting memories you can't recall..." making way for Gonjasufi to drive the chant home with his signature, emotive bars. On the lead single "Bizarre" she navigates the haunting melody flawlessly with the lyrics "its been a long time by the look of things// long time money's running everything// the same 10 families that run this show// friends with the president, friends with the pope", signing her name in the cement of her beliefs. Come October 28th, the world will bear witness to the sounds and sights of Perera Elsewhere. With a feature from Gonjasufi, as well as remixes slated from the likes of Hype Williams, Maria Minerva, Nautiluss and Kyson, the sum of the parts equals up to a concentrated plume of aural frankincense. We here at FoF are certainly ecstatic over the opportunity to present our new leading lady to the universe... "It's been a long time, so bizarre..."

1. Drunk Man
2. Giddy (feat. Gonjasufi)
3. Bizarre
4. Light Bulb
5. Ebora (feat. Aremu)
6. Dreamt That Dream
7. Shady (feat. Springintgut)
8. Bongoloid
9. Carousel
10. The Zap
11. Lazy
12. Dimmed Down

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